Dim Lit Motivation

by Goodnight Forever

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    releases May 27, 2017

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releases May 27, 2017

Recorded by Tim Hall of UA Sound Pro and Steve Sopchak of the Square Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Steve Sopchak of The Square Studios. Pressed and Backed by LRS Records.

Thank you to Mark Turley, Nicholas Oliver, Nick Streeter, Tim Hall, Steve Sopchak, Ryan Dugan, Jemola Addley, Renee Rorer, Aaron Jenkins, Charles Spataro, Thad Jackson, Justin Pellingra, Anthony Carluccio, John Hanus, Devon Robillard, Tom Ranger, Sean Mott and all of our families and loved ones. Without you, this album wouldn’t have been possible!



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Goodnight Forever Syracuse, New York

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Track Name: Wake Up
On the odd days I park my car on the far side of the street
And try to convince myself the best days aren't behind me while I sleep
It's been two years since the west coast washed over my feet
Now I'm alone again in my bed afraid of what I'll dream

I don't see much reason in settling so why don't we just take what we need and leave?
I don't see much reason in reasoning so why don't we just set all our demons free?

Wake up with the sun
Find the things you love
It's never enough, never enough
Find the things you love and let them kill you

The way that you always knew that it could
Broken in two
Seasonal depression alcohol abuse and the truth
Is leaving the room
When the falsities prove it's all on you... all on you

I fell asleep and if I die before I wake my soul you'll keep
I fell asleep and if I die before I wake up...
Track Name: Cracks In The Pavement
Goodbyes never came easy but it's my last night in town
Wanted the porch light smoke drifting winding down
and I wanted you

I still roll the windows down like I use to downtown
and keep them up on the highway because it gets to you
I get to you, I always

You are the cracks in the pavement
The rotting basswood that holds the basement ceiling up
You are atlas struggling with the weight
While even Sisyphus still found a better way

Long drives to forget summer eyes
You're masking thoughts of all these midnight lies
With rumble strips and sighs

So watch me slide to the right
Away from these city lights
Avoiding city lights
Track Name: Handprints On The Wall
I've spent so much of my life wasting my time
Just pacing back and forth in a place that I can't call my own
But down and up the hall dim lit motivation falls and comes to a crawl
With each step that I take towards the door
So I give up on putting my feet on the floor

Forever I'll rest in this bed
Lets just call it my grave
Because holding onto childhood memories
Just isn't helping me
Not anymore
Turning pages in books of reveries
Shows what minimum wage could afford
But we were worth so much more
You and I
We were worth so much more

These days are boiling over but my brain ain't sending any pain
Everything keeps going numb in waves
It's impossible to pull away
Caught in its gaze like an addicts brain
When reality is drought any escape is rain

Cold sweat somebody shake me when I look frozen in place
Because the days become a maze that I've built from nostalgia and guilt
And I'm stuck in it...
but down and up the halls where dim lit motivation falls
You'll find handprints on the wall
Track Name: The Devil Himself
We keep trying to dissolve and make believe that we are only water
Too far gone to eradicate the dirt, we are not pure, we are not
With salt beneath our fingernails drying out our hands
We are capable of terrible things
Can we ever be clean?
Cab you see through the cracks in my skin?
I know that you know where I've been

Fine, I'll just lie in this bed and feel broken
Stare at the ceiling with skeletons
Alone there are no words that can save yourself
This is your hell it can't be anybody else
The last man to feel the way that I've felt
It was the devil himself

Reap what you sow on mossy stones
In solace of every unwritten note
That bends to never hit the mark
I haunt former selves on ignorance
I am a living ghost for this

There's never enough time

We keep trying to dissolve and make believe that we are Holy water
Too far gone to eradicate the dirt, we are not pure, we are not
Track Name: The More I Lose My Grip
Locked out in the parking lot
Sentenced to live in the limbo
Between real health and someone
Making up their mind
Slowly holding on
But we all know that true intention
Rarely hits as soft as moving on
It's more like buckshot
Ringing out its own beautiful song

You can try to escape your fate
But the walls we build only keep
Shielding us from infinities gaze
We chose this place when you made your face
The one that only showed remorse
When someones burning at the stake

I was burning

Remember those days
Spent wishing days away
Well how does it feel now that you cling
But you can't make them stay
Grips loosening and when it breaks
What new lows could we be forced to face?

And I could've burned but I let it in
Gave up martyrdom for this new sin
So now I pray to reclaim my place
Atop the embers burning out what I've let in
Grips loosening and when it breaks
What new lows could we be forced to face?
Track Name: Expect To Get Lied To
Heavy head on collision
Empty split second decision
Unsettling nostalgic bitter cross
Something found from something lost
A sprain of color, a passing sky
Adrift and weightless through the night
Lonely as the flood that you write
Endless drag to anchor weary eyes

Somewhere along this space
You've torn the thread that
Keeps us from pulling away

I'm running out of things to say
Dead to the thought
Of salvaging anything anyway
So one last prayer
To a God that confuses me
Then write you off
I won't let you crucify yourself from apathy

Somewhere along this space
You've torn the thread that
Keeps us from pulling away
An aching tooth, an ankle sprained
Phantom limb thoughts
Let the absence sustain
Track Name: Friction
If it's too much trouble
That's all you had to say
Wanted the chance to prove you're worth it
I could see it in the way
You used to play with fire
Pursuing each desire causes sparks

...are you are friction

Scrounging up the courage
Like couch cushions hiding change
Biding time to be unbound should
For now I'll have to wait

Because I can't leave my room
Without choking on the pain
I'd hate to see it written on my face
You would too

And that's why I abuse
Myself and the trust of those I love
We all regret holding onto one
Promise we'll never fulfill

That's why I'm letting go